Omni-Assistant Software, The Ultimate Healthcare QMS.

15 fully integrated modules. One software. One solution.

The Omni-Assistant is a sophisticated modular enterprise system. It is highly intuitive, fully integrated, streamlined and optimized to support best business practices with full quality compliance to regulatory bodies.

Module 1

Workflows Automation

Enterprise-class workflow automation system

The Workflows Automation is the predominant module that bridges and successfully connects all the modules. Enabling seamless integration, the processes are activated from one module to another based on specific business rules. The robust workflow engine design efficiently initiates processes and formulates triggers and events based on your business needs.

module 1

Some examples of use:

  • Efficiently automate the routing, delivery and approval of your documents to specific user(s) or group(s).
  • Initiate automatic workflow process from start to finish for nonconformity or CAPA triggered by other modules.
  • Electronic to-dos and task templates, eliminating paper and ensuring efficiency.
  • Priorities management, task scheduling, assignment tools and alert management.
  • Automated reactions: Alerts sent via Tasks, Emails, Omni-Assistant messages and SMS/text messaging.
Module 2

Document Control

Automate and Streamline with Document Control processes

Manual handling of documentation is labor intensive, costly and challenging. These tasks are further complicated given the need to govern the policies and procedures for healthcare accreditation compliance. The lack of a centralized area to access and store documents exacerbates these problems.

The Document Control module transforms manual processes into a fully digital solution providing a simple and efficient framework for document sharing, approval, revision, publishing and team collaboration that reduces cycle time. Offering a centralized repository with templates and indexing of documents dramatically reduces time spent on formatting documents. The advanced fully customizable workflow, automatically initiates a defined process to handle all documentation efficiently, including alerts, notifications, reminders, approvals and compliance training acknowledgments.

module 2


  • Full version tracking, audit trails and history, including quick and advanced search capability.
  • Efficient customizable electronic review and approval workflows.
  • Rapid-approval process tailored for authorized management teams to ease their workload (e.g. your Medical / Laboratory Director)
  • Real time notifications, reminders and escalation alerts.
  • Efficient management of staff reading requirements.
  • Flexible PDF conversion and indexing with controlled version features.
Module 3

Assets Management

Qualified equipment and facilities at all times

Planning, monitoring and tracking healthcare and laboratory assets/equipment, as well as maintenance schedules, service contracts and warranties, can be labor-intensive, challenging and easily overlooked.

module 3

The Asset Management module has been developed to effortlessly and efficiently provide a streamlined standardized process across the business to make it easy to keep accurate records for maintenance schedules, service contracts and warranties of any asset in compliance with regulations.



  • Advanced equipment registry to maintain a comprehensive catalog.
  • Full change control, including the initial qualification and validation process.
  • Entirely customizable calibration and preventive maintenance workflows.
  • Advanced, specialized fail-safe features that ensure staff about to perform a calibration or preventive maintenance are qualified and aware of most recent SOPs. Automatic nonconformity recordings and alerts are triggered if they proceed without the most recent training.
  • Complete traceability and audit logs.
  • Reliable Alert management. Easy reporting to provide valuable insights into how assets are performing.
  • Standardized templates to schedule on demand calibration or maintenance.
Module 4

Control Points Management

Environmental control made easy

Control Point Management refers to the monitoring and capturing of storage and environmental data as measured by various devices within your facility. The manual process to record temperature in your refrigerators, freezers, room humidity or luminosity quantity etc. from your devices is time consuming, inefficient and prone to errors.

The Control Points Management module considerably simplifies this process. Every measurement that you need to record and document can be effortlessly set up. The workflow engine automatically logs all measurements and control points as defined. Seamless integration with other modules initiates comprehensive updates including emails, alerts, nonconformity notifications, inspection and audit including risk management. Fully integrates with various manufacturers’ devices for improved automated sensor recording.

module 4


  • Omni-Assistant tracks every measurement you need to keep a record of: Bacterial count, Conductivity, Humidity, Luminosity, Osmolality, Pressure, Resistivity, Temperature and Weight.
  • Ability to capture required values by manual or automated processes.
  • Full integration with sensing devices from various manufacturers including: Honeywell, Monit, Onset (hobo and inTemp), Cryopak (Mirador), Fourtec (Datanet) and Symco.
  • Complete traceability related to temperature control monitoring (chain of cold).
Module 5

Nonconformance Management

Efficient and standardized NonConformance management

When failures occur - how easily can you identify how many cases were resolved, and what was the corrective action? Are there any trends and did it occur previously? What are the processes and standards to document nonconformity? How does your nonconforming events management tool compare to others on the market?

The NonConformance Management module provides you with all the answers and helps to gain valuable insights to elevate quality in your organization. Omni-Assistant’s NonConformance Management solution is fully integrated with other modules, allowing seamless process management. Having automated, effective monitoring and compliance mechanisms maximizes benefits while minimizing cost of manual interventions and eliminating redundant logging entry. User friendly and proficient CAPA templates are designed to capture failures and resolutions with clarity. Full transparency to CAPA processes allows accountable staff to ensure the process is managed efficiently and in a timely manner.

module 5


  • Once the event is documented, it automatically routes it according to your workflows until it is fully resolved.
  • Unresolved CAPAs are automatically escalated to management.
  • Omni-Assistant’s offers a list of standardized nonconformities that you can customize.
  • NonConformities and CAPA are automatically captured from other modules, in addition to input from users.
  • Fully customizable workflows.
Module 5+

Laboratory Quality Optimizer

Reduce costs associated with poor quality

CoPQ “Cost of poor Quality” is defined as the costs associated with providing poor quality service or results. The detrimental consequences of poor-quality impacts business operations, increases risk, and can result in serious consequences i.e. financial losses, costly rework and duplication, loyalty of customers, damaged brand and potential patient care and treatments. Reducing the cost of poor quality is one of the best ways to increase your laboratory efficiency and reduce cost. Selecting the proper tool is critical in this process, do you know what the cost of poor quality is in your laboratory?

module 5+

The Laboratory Quality Optimizer module crunches your data and provides you with a matrix for the quantified costs of Poor Quality (CoPQ). The interactive dashboards precisely demonstrate where to obtain the highest potential savings.

You are presented with prioritized information that allows you to take actions to achieve potential cost savings immediately and also provided with a 12 months projection of operational cost reduction.


  • Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) calculation matrix.
  • Set priorities based on patient risks and potential cost savings.
  • Clear and factual understanding of nonconformity events and associated costs.
Module 6

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are important, let's make sure they are satisfied

How do you efficiently handle customer issues and complaints? Do you have a unified central tool in order to quickly identify, prioritize and resolve issues as well as proactively address customer concerns? By documenting your client complaints, and resolving them in a timely manner, a negative can be turned into a positive and result in improved customer service, loyalty and quality delivery.

The Customer Relationship Management module goal is simple; tackle all issues efficiently with the use of streamlined processes to improve quality and ensure regulatory compliance.


  • Alert management to ensure effective and timely handling of any concerns.
  • Priorities management and task scheduling including assignments tools.
  • Complete traceability with historical log.
  • Reports and statistics to evaluate the progress.
Module 7

Suppliers Qualification Management

Qualifying Suppliers the clever way

While effective assessment of suppliers confirms their capability, their sustainability and ensures their commitment to quality, it can be disjointed and difficult to manage.

The Suppliers Qualification Management module reduces time spent to manually validate and approve preferred suppliers. The Suppliers’ status, including ability to store additional documentation records and notes is readily available for your review.

It provides a monitoring program to confirm these providers operate efficiently and deliver high-quality products and services. Valuable insights are gained into your supplier’s qualifications by reviewing the Status Dashboard.


  • Fully customizable qualification workflows.
  • Periodic scheduled reviews with review alerts and escalation alerts.
  • Appealing suppliers qualification Status Dashboard.
  • Evidence reports and statistics readily available.
Module 8

Risk Management

Risk Management that brings results

Risk is an integral part of any business and it is incumbent on management to have a risk management plan in place. If risk is not managed effectively, it can and does affect patient care, personnel safety, the working environment and the sustainability of the organization. Selection of tools, methodologies, controls and practices to identify, analyze and effectively manage risk are critical, but can be complicated and difficult to follow.

The Risk Management module provides you with a wide range of practical, easy to follow tools to effectively identify, measure and implement controls for risk mitigation. Featuring a risk assessment analysis that is easy to understand, this module supports your actions to reduce risks, implement improvements and make informed decisions. Provision of well-defined identification of hazardous situations, possible harm, degree of likelihood and severity, support the creation of a Risk Matrix to manage risk within your organization.


  • Dynamic Risk Matrix tool, giving you complete control and insights to risks.
  • Documentation of control mechanisms and potential improvements.
  • Periodic scheduled reviews, including alerts and escalation alerts.
  • Extensive library of lab risks.
Module 9

Staff Competency Management

Digital Competency and Learning Management

Many organizations advance their operation by acquiring a Learning Management System (LMS) which becomes an integral part of their business. Consistent employee training, qualification, certification, and competency is an important business advantage while being time and cost effective. Selecting the best learning management system for your business is essential, especially in healthcare, where regulatory compliance is required.

The Staff Competency Management module offers more than traditional LMS products. The process ensures assignment and monitoring of staff training, including sequential course assignments in order to achieve personnel competency and compliance with accreditation. The seamless integration to other modules allows you to easily link your policies and procedures. You are in complete control in the selection of courses, evaluations, and training materials that you choose to add to the eLearning solution. The progress of employee training, reminders and tracking is readily available.

The competency assessment within the Staff Competency Management module follows a CLIA framework called “Big 6“, which means that six (6) pillars must be completed in order to obtain certification. This is a significant differentiator to ensure full competency assessment and training of your personnel.


  • Fully customizable workflow.
  • Full visibility on employee learning competency status.
  • Automate the BIG 6. Achieve greater uniformity and extraordinary quality:
    • Direct observations of routine patient testing.
    • Monitoring the recording and reporting of test results.
    • Record review: review of intermediate test results or worksheets, QC records, PT results, and preventive maintenance records.
    • Maintenance: Direct observations of performance of instrument maintenance and function checks.
    • Assessment of test performance through testing previously analyzed specimens, internal blind samples, or external PT samples.
    • Assessment of problem-solving skills.
Module 10

Lab Specimen Archiving

Let your Omni-Assistant do the work

Laboratories process large numbers of various types of specimens every year. It is critical to know where each specimen is located at any given time in the laboratory once the testing phase has been completed.

Sample storage, retrieval and disposal are essential steps to meet compliance, but also significantly important for laboratory efficiency, operational excellence and patient care.

A manual or not well-planned process will inevitably delay the handling of this task, impact specimen integrity and ultimately patient care.

With the Lab Specimen Archiving solution, you are in complete control with precise information of where each sample is located. The lab Specimen Archiving module reduces the process cycle time by cataloging samples based on rules set up by the user according to your processes. For example; storage of specimens based on their regulatory retention’s requirements, the retention of specimens for repeat or additional testing as well as the ability to easily and efficiently locate specimens for safe disposal. Full flexibility and information are offered at your fingertips to effortlessly track laboratory specimens.

module 10


  • Quickly and efficiently archive your specimens.
  • Identify specimen, archiving container, department and storage unit.
  • Monitoring of specimen retention requirements based on user defined parameters.
  • Effective purge management.
  • Quick search and expedited retrieval of records.
Module 11

Inventory Management

Your rules for having the right products, in the right quantity and in the right places.

The process that you follow when storing, recording, tracking and managing your inventory is critical to ensuring adequate supply for your facility. How do you manage your inventory? How many times have you run out of or had a reagent lot recalled?

The Inventory Management module is designed to specifically address clinical and healthcare needs to ensure optimized supply inventory with quality in mind. Utilizing bar code scanning, seamlessly track your supplies across multiple sites and stockrooms. With detailed real-time visibility of consumable inventory levels, recalled stock, complete traceability and the option to define alerts for low stock and approaching expiry dates, your risk of inventory supply issues are addressed.

module 11


  • Total traceability. Reception, transfer, usage and disposal of supplies.
  • Lot and Expiry Date tracking. Qualification, recalls and stock rotation.
  • Fully integrate with Toxyscan MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) / SDS (Safety Data Sheets) management systems.
  • Restock alerts. Custom alerts for low and critically low stock levels.
  • When combined with Assets Management and Control Point Management, it allows for tracking temperature of reagents (chain of cold) and alerts when an abnormal temperature is detected or impacts any of your products.
Module 12

Inspections and Audits Management

Be inspection ready @ all times.

Remaining in compliance with various regulations and quality standards is an on-going business challenge. Are you prepared to be audited? How many compliance checklists and versions do you have? Have you resolved all previously discovered nonconformities with supported proof? and documentation? These are just a few of the questions that healthcare and laboratory personnel must address when planning for inspections or audits.

The Inspections and Audits Management module introduces a new approach that ensures that you are inspection-ready at any given time. With an innovative and integrated process, it seamlessly connects with other Omni-Assistant modules in order to effortlessly and automatically generate compliance evidence for you, without requiring you to collect information, significantly optimizing your time.

You are in complete control of internal or external inspections and audits, as well as being able to significantly reduce the time, cost and resources to showcase your compliance and operational excellence.

module 12


  • Have a clear and complete picture as to where you stand in meeting your inspection requirements.
  • Automatic generation of evidence of compliance.
  • Historization of your inspections and audits.
  • 120+ Checklists maintained up-to-date for you; CAP, CMS, CSTM, FDA, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, ISO 22870, WMDA & more.
Module 13

Lab test directory

A Test Directory with a compelling look and feel that advocates your service

Your Laboratory Test Directory always needs to be up-to-date with ease of access to test information. Ordering appropriate laboratory tests is integral to the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of medical conditions. Providing your laboratory personnel with an efficient process to publish up to date test related information on a regular basis supports good patient care. How often do you publish your laboratory compendium of tests? How easily can this information be accessed?

The Laboratory Test Directory module allows you to efficiently implement change control, maintain information up to date. It optimizes your time, shares information instantly and significantly improves the quality of service.

module 13


  • Public Portal. Access and obtain a comprehensive record for each analysis: abbreviation, description, known synonyms, medical reasons to order the analysis, specimen and quantity required, protocols, transportation rules, expected delays, among others.
  • Internal Portal (Laboratory use only). Pull all the public portal information plus all the rules and information that are private or restricted to laboratory staff.
  • Full change control.

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