Rooms and Equipment

Rooms and Equipment are of paramount importance, as many tasks and documents are related to them: how to manage, inspect and clean them, for example. Calibrations and preventive maintenances are frequently under scrutiny by inspectors.

Omni-Assistant M3 gives you the following benefits:

Automate Your Maintenance and Calibration Schedule

Configure an activity once and the Omni-Assistant software will handle it from there.

Keep All Your Information Together, Easily Accessible

Whether you want to know how much water is needed by an instrument, until when the service contract runs or when a piece of equipment was commissioned, you have all that available in a few clicks.

Features included
Easy Searching

Filter your information according to:

  • Equipment type
  • Equipment ID
  • Department
  • Location
  • Serial #
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Warranty (yes/no)
  • Service contract (yes/no)
All the Pertinent Information Available

The following information can be entered for each piece of equipment:

  • Address
  • Location
  • Department
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial #
  • Condition
  • Warranty (w/ expiry date)
  • Service contract (w/ expiry date)
  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • Outlet type
  • BTUs produced
  • Water requirement
  • Commissioning information
  • Installation information
  • Initial value
  • Current value

In order to improve the user experience, you can upload equipment pictures in the Omni-Assistant. They will be displayed whenever a user is requested to perform a task on this piece of equipment.

Departments and Roles Structure (with M1)

The departments and roles structure is molded after your own structure; you do not change the way you work.

Scheduling and Assignation Tools (with M1)

Tasks are created and assigned to roles or individuals; users take ownership, complete and close them effortlessly.

Sync Your Schedule (with M1)

The Omni-Assistant can synchronize with your smart phone agenda, allowing you to always be on top of things.

Task Priorities (with M1)

A powerful yet flexible system of priorities ensures that each task is duly attended to.

Messaging (with M1)

Messages can be sent to workbenches or to individual users. Users that do not have an email address can be conveniently reached with messaging.

Todos (with M1)

Todos (or To Do) are the electronic version of a checklist. Add comments, results, make them mandatory or not, the choice is yours. They completely eliminate your paper log sheets

Task Review (with M1)

Once a user completes a task, it is sent to the supervisor for review and sign-off. A supervisor can reopen the task, reassign it, schedule a follow-up, and more.

Dynamic Links to Documents

You can link your documents to any equipment as well, SOP will remain in your document management and will be automatically updated in each equipment tasks when required.

Workflows (with M1)

Workflows are defined according to your work processes; some tasks could be signed off by a supervisor, sent to QA and finally to the manager, while others could be sent directly to QA. You get to define the way it’s going to be.

Multi-Connect Alerts (with M1)

Based on the “responses” to the workflow, the Omni-Assistant can trigger alerts, open a new task, send an email, send a text message over your smart phone, and even open a noncompliance event.

Advanced Search (with M1)

The advanced search functions allow you to probe in-depth, compile reports and gets statistics on virtually anything related to your equipment.

Complete Tracking and Audit Trail

The Omni-Assistant tracks everything and keeps a complete audit trail.


Keep track of all actions performed concerning each and every piece of equipment. Task tickets are linked to pieces of equipment, allowing you to see when a piece of equipment was cleaned, calibrated, etc.