Document Control and Policy Management

M2 is an easy way to cut on the "management" part: it organizes, sorts, archives, and publishes your documents.

Omni-Assistant M2 brings you the following benefits:


Document control made 100% electronic.

Retrieve Your Documents Painlessly

Between the quick search, keywords and the document categories, it is easy to find the documents you need.

Proactive Alerts for Your Peace of Mind

The Omni-Assistant is proactive so you don’t need to constantly look over your shoulder: get alerts when it’s time to review a document.

Easy Tracking of Readings

At a glance, you see who’s up to date on their readings and who isn’t.

Virtual Library

The Virtual Library allows different clients to exchange documents on a voluntary basis. This feature is especially useful for hospitals that have several sites.

Features included
Supports any File Format

The Omni-Assistant supports any file formats; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, videos, voice annotations, etc.

Easy Sorting

Documents are easy to find with categories, subcategories, document types, identifiers, keywords and more.

Review Alerts and Escalation Alerts

When a document is up for review an alert can be sent. And if the review is not completed on time, an escalation alert can be sent so this issue does not go unaddressed.

Approbation Cycle

Document approbation cycles are molded to your processes. It can be as quick and simple or as detailed as needed, based on your company’s needs.

Automatic Conversion to PDF

Once a document is ready for publishing, the Omni-Assistant will take care of the conversion to the PDF format. It can also generate headers and footers and automatically include all the necessary information. Controlled copy watermarks can also be added.

Ability to Lock Printing

You can lock the printing capacity of documents, if wanted.

Barcode Identification

As the Omni-Assistant converts your documents to PDF, it can also add a unique barcode identifier in the upper right corner. This barcode can later be used to control your printed copies.

Versions Tracking and History

Version numbers for both minor and major modifications allow you to keep track of what version was in effect at a particular point in time, and you can log the changes as well.

Dynamic Links to Accreditation Standards

You can link your accreditation requirements to your documents with dynamic links.

Reading and Training Requests

Whenever a document is created or updated, it is possible to send reading or training requests to the users, which can then be required to sign.

Competency Dashboard

The Competency Dashboard gives a global score and shows the competency trend in a dots chart for each user, allowing a supervisor or manager to very quickly see who has done their reading and training and who hasn’t.

Dynamic Links Between Documents

You can link your documents to other documents with dynamic links. The Omni-Assistant will always retrieve you most recent official version, even if you have renamed your file, moved it in another folder or made a newer version. 


You can provide access to the Omni-Assistant via your intranet, and you can also create intranet users, these users are typically created for nursing units’ quick document access. Auto-login can be activated if desired (only for intranet users, from within your facility and in read-only mode).


You can also create extranet access for your healthcare partners. Extranet users will be limited to the security, access and permissions granted by administrators.

Security, Access and Permissions

Thanks to the very detailed permissions and security settings, determining who gets to edit and / or read which documents is simple and straightforward.

Complete Tracking and Audit Trail

The Omni-Assistant tracks everything and keeps a complete audit trail.

Backup and Contingency Copies

The Omni-Assistant creates backups regularly (each and every 30 minutes). You can automate a complete synchronized local copy for contingency purposes.