Laboratory Tests Directory

Every lab needs to publish the directory of the tests it can perform. Once published, it is a tremendous task to track every single copy of the directory and update it, as changes are made or as tests are added or removed.

M13 grants you the following benefits:

Quick and Easy Tests Directory Search

Whether you’re using the analysis’ abbreviation, description or a synonym, the search engine will find the right result. You can also filter results by lab section.

A Wealth of Information

Get the full record for each analysis: abbreviation, description, known synonyms, medical reasons to order the analysis, specimen and quantity required, protocols, transportation rules, expected delays, etc.

Features included
Unlimited Number of Lab Tests

Create as many lab tests as required and link them to the appropriate lab sections.

Public and Lab-Only Sections

You can keep some information confidential, to be seen only by lab personnel.

Link Documents to Lab Analysis

Create links between lab analysis and documents (M2). If a document changes, the updated version will automatically be synchronized with M13.

Meaningful Use (soon available)

Meaningful use analysis can be done; a monthly import of your lab tests’ detailed activities is required.

Open License

Any number of users can access the directory, at any time.

Advanced Search

The advanced search functions allow you to probe in-depth, compile reports and get statistics on virtually anything related to your lab analysis directory.