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Be it that complaints that were made against your organization or made by you against suppliers, you need to track what happens with them. How many were there? Were they all resolved? These are the kinds of questions that M6 answers.
Take advantage of the powerful benefits that M6 brings you:

Automate Your Complaints Processes

Whether they are inbound or outbound, make sure that all complaints are treated the same way.

Quality Assurance

A complaint can be an indicator that someone’s a bit jumpy, or it could be the symptom of a deeper issue. Logging complaints and bringing them to a successful resolution improves the level of quality of your organization.

Features included
Access Level Management

Complaints information can be very sensitive, and can even lead to possible lawsuits. Decide who can see what.

Pictures and Images

Include pictures and images with your complaints for review at a later date (or as a visual proof)

Dashboard and Quality Indicators (KPI)

By making your information easy to retrieve and easy to look at, the time you have to devote to complaints and requests is reduced to a strict minimum.

Complete Traceability

Get a full traceability and know who intervened at which step of your complaints resolution process. You can retrieve this information months or years after the event. Name, date and time are recorded.

Get Statistics, Reports and Charts

Easy, simple and complete data reports and statistics are available.