Nonconformities - CAPA

Deviations, occurrences, nonconformities... they happen. When they happen, you want to count on the strength and flexibility of M5 to document them, follow-up on them and take action no to have a repeat. Inspectors know nonconformities happen and they do not look for a perfect record. What they look for is how you handle them.


Make your workday easier by taking advantage of these powerful benefits:

Automate Your Nonconformity Processes

Document the event, automatically route it according to your workflows and plan follow-ups until fully resolved.

CAPA: Corrective Action, Preventive Action

Once the nonconformity is resolved, an additional CAPA process can be launched, to avoid the same situation from happening.

Features included
Access Level Management

Nonconformity information can be very sensitive, and can even lead to possible lawsuits. Decide who can see what.

Pictures and Images

Include pictures and images with your nonconformities for review at a later date (or as a visual proof)

Dashboard and Quality Indicators (KPI)

By making your information easy to retrieve and easy to look at, the time you have to devote to events that shouldn’t occur is reduced to a strict minimum.

Complete Traceability

Get a full traceability and know who intervened at which step of your non-conformity resolution process. You can retrieve this information months or years after the event. Name, date and time are recorded.

Get Statistics, Reports and Charts

Easy, simple and complete data reports and statistics are available.

Different Issues, Different Steps to Fix (with M1)

Issues are varied and sometimes do not even involve the lab. For each kind of situation, you determine what steps should be taken, by whom and the order of those steps

(Optional Component) M5PLUS: Laboratory Quality Optimizer

Cost of Poor Quality and Peer comparison advanced tools.