Inspections and audits

M12 very easily gives you a clear and comprehensive picture of where you are regarding your regulatory inspection requirements, thanks to the data provided by the other Omni-Assistant modules.

Accreditation, audits, inspections, requirements, and much more.

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1 - Introduction

Staying in compliance with the different regulations and quality standards (Accreditation Canada, ISO 15 189, CAP, OCP, etc.) is a constant challenge for hospitals. It's not an option, but an obligation.


The market reality

Ask the following question to a Quality Manager: Are you ready to be audited? Most of them will answer YES.

However, when an inspection period opens, all implied in the process will have doubts and will do hundreds of overtime hours to ensure that everything is flawless.

Why so much stress and overtime? Simply because inspectors have to validate that all the requirements are complaint, and above all, that there is no discrepancy between what the procedures establish and what the logs have recorded! They must therefore scrutinize all records to ensure that employees have completed the required readings and trainings, that all tasks have been completed at the right time, and, more importantly, that they have been completed by employees with the right qualifications at that particular point in time.

A solution was needed

The Omni-Assistant is the ONLY Inspection and Audit management software capable of generating proof of conformity for every requirement of a standard a hospital has adhered to. This is unique and revolutionary for Quality Managers.

Does the Omni-Assistant manage our standards? More than 120 standards and accreditations are kept up to date for you. ISO 15 189, ISO 17 025, ISO 22 000, Accreditation Canada, AABB, OCP, etc.

2 - All in one
Standards of accreditation bodies

Gone are the days where large binders containing pages and pages of requirements were laying all over the desk. With the Omni-Assistant, have all the information about the standards and their respective requirements for all the accreditation bodies that govern your institution at your fingertips. This information will be available during the audit, enabling the inspector to easily check a requirement to ensure that he does not forget anything.

Internal audits

Easily audit your operations. Simply create an audit event and specify its scope: the start and end dates, the desired standard and the audited department(s). M12 will prepare the checklist and allow you to complete the audit within the Omni-Assistant. The audit progression is color-coded to quickly visualize the state the situation. No more need for Excel files as reminders. Pictures, comments and other documents may also be linked to a requirement as proof, if necessary.


Create your inspection events by indicating the dates, the organization that inspected you as well as the inspected departments. Indicate the follow-up deadlines to ensure that nothing is will be forgotten and that everything will be compliant for the inspector's next visit.

Links with Omni-Assistant's other modules

It is at this point that the Inspections and Audits Module stands out and shows all its power. The various requirements can be linked to other Omni-Assistant modules and access in a click the inspection's essential evidences. Gone are the days when an inspector had to scrutinize never ending lists of data before finding THE sought data. With this module, all data required for an inspection and specific to the determined period are available to the inspector.

3 - Functionalities
Accreditation bodies and standards

You can create as many accreditation standards from as many accreditation bodies as desired: Accreditation Canada, OPQ, OCP, HACCP, OPTMQ, FDA, CLIA, AABB, etc., letting you centralize all requirements in one place.


Requirements from different standards may be associated to certain departments or roles, allowing you to inspect the departments touched by the requirement. As well, the requirements can also be associated with Tags, allowing the requirements to be filtered even more for audits. For example, some requirements may be necessary only during a second implementation phase. By indicating them as such with Tags, these requirements will not appear in the audits created for phase one. The audits thus created will contain only the necessary requirements. Standard requirements information can be added into the Omni-Assistant, including pictures, and be easily viewed during the inspection.

Requirement links

Standard requirements can be associated to other Omni-Assistant modules, thus exploiting the full potential of the Inspections and Audits module. It is possible to verify a requirement conformity by clicking on the audit link and verifying the data directly from the workstation. Three modules can be linked to the requirements:

  1. Document Management (M2): Makes it possible to verify that all documents that must be read by employees in a department or role have been read. It is also possible to view the original document and have access to its history.

  2. Recurrent Tickets (M1): Makes it possible to verify that all the tasks that must be done on a regular basis to comply with a requirement have been done for the audited period and by whom.

  3. Control Points (M4): Allows to review registered data or observations. Any instrument operation problem will therefore be easily identifiable.

Inspections or audits

When an audit event is created, whether for an internal audit or transferred from an external audit, all valid requirements and proof of conformity during the specified period will be displayed on the audit page. The inspector will then only have to complete the required fields to complete the audit.

Any requirement that does not meet the accreditation body's demands will be graded for its severity and a follow-up must be done within the timeframe determined by the inspector. An audit for which only one requirement is not compliant cannot be closed preventing follow-up from "falling through the cracks" and having unpleasant surprises when time comes for the follow-up. In addition to the evidences automatically linked to the requirements when creating an audit event, other documents may be linked, such as pictures, electronic files, comments or even other tickets from the Document Management.

Inspector Assignment

An Omni-Assistant user or department member is assigned as an inspector when creating an audit event. The selected user (or all members of a department or role, if applicable) will see the assigned audit in his/her home page. The inspector will also see, at a glance, the audit status; Is it started? How many requirement are compliant? How many need a follow-up? Although a user must have the necessary rights to create an audit event, all users can be assigned as an inspector and see the list of audits assigned to him/her.

Advanced Search

The advanced search function allows you to thoroughly search, compile reports and get statistics on virtually everything related to inspections and audits.

4 - Conclusion

The Omni-Assistant is the ONLY Inspection and Audit software able to generate proof of conformity for each accreditation standard requirement to which a hospital has adhered. It is unique and revolutionary for Quality Managers.

Can you really do without such a tool?

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